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The Story Behind Kluster

Here we were at our friend’s house, having some fun when he comes out with some magnetic stones! He puts them on the table to show us.

We asked, “What do you do with them?” He answered, “I don’t know.” Well, that wouldn’t do!! We HAD to come up with something to entertain ourselves with these fun stones! As time went by, we came up with some rules to write down on a napkin! Yes, we still have that napkin!!

“ original document where Kluster was first brainstormed and written in a napkin”

Later, we would come up with different ideas, such as packaging, rules, different stones, which is how we’ve developed the game you see now.

We have enjoyed being our own bosses for over 20 years in other businesses, but have always loved games & decided to create our own to share with the world.

It would really thrill us to see Kluster getting people to enjoy playing a tabletop game together, all over the world!! People of all ages, races, backgrounds, & beliefs, playing in places like, on a plane, on a boat, on the beach, at a bar, in a park, anywhere!!

Kluster is also easy to clean up & the magnets won’t blow away in the wind!!!

Now available!