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Kluster was designed by Robert & Paula Henning back in 2006... Kluster is an incredibly fun magnetic dexterity game, easy to carry, simple to play, accessible to players of all ages, and still full of strategy!

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how to play

  • To Begin.

    Lay the cord in any shape on a non-magnetic surface. Divide the magnets evenly between the players.

  • The Goal.

    All you need to do is get rid of all your magnets before your opponent(s).

  • The Play.

    The shortest player begins by setting one of their magnets anywhere within the play area.

  • Play continues clockwise.

    Following the shortest player, each player lays one of their magnets in the play area, without letting the magnets KLUSTER together!

  • Kluster?

    If ANY magnets "KLUSTER" together during your turn, you collect all the affected magnets and lose the ability to play a magnet.

  • The Winner!

    The first player to get rid of all their magnets, wins!

  • Tips:

    Don't touch the magnets or move the string designating the play area with your hands.

    You may manipulate magnets in the play area with one of your magnets, to create a better play area for yourself, if you dare!! If this moves the string designating the play area that's ok!

"A Highly Volatile Magnetic Minefield"

Kluster can be played anywhere, anytime. It´s easy to carry with you anywhere. It is a game that combines strategy and skills with magnetic fields interaction. 


"Get rid all of all your magnetic rocks first, and you're the winner"

It's that simple! Or is it?

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